My name is Skylar Blakely. I am starting this blog as a way to vent, blab, gossip, and state my opinions.
Hopefully I wont have to put my foot in my mouth, but if I do I certainly will do it as publicly as I blab.

A little about myself:
I live in a small town in Texas, I went to Texas A&M and graduated in 2012.
I married my husband, John, 3 years ago. WOW! Has it really been that long? It seems like it went by in a flash.
I love my husband and love being his wife, yes it comes with challenges like all marriages.
We have one beautiful little girl named Zolie.
She is our miracle baby.

Some of what I talk about might be controversial, some might be boring, and I hope to get some DIY in there somewhere.
I want to hear what you think… if you agree or disagree, and why. If you disagree then tell me what your opinions are.

Grow some “cojones” and speak up.

– S


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