Day 1: sex challenge will it strengthen my marriage?

Day 1 is done!

We started a sex challenge after realizing what a crappy sex life we have. My husband and I started that today!
I wonder if it’ll change our relationship. Better our relationship? Will I enjoy sex more? After day one, I think so.
Like with any challenge it has rules (click here to read more)

It would have been very easy to just say “let’s start tomorrow”
And honestly, we almost did.
Z was sick, she kept us up all night and had a pitiful day.
But last minute I said, “ok, let’s do It”
And we did… (I won’t go into detail)
Before we went to bed we said our compliments and thank-yous. That was really special, it was nice to feel special and take time for each other before bed. (Thank you and compliments are part of the challenge. If you want to see the rules check it out here)
After it all was over I was happy to start the challenge, and looking forward to tomorrow.
However, I don’t know how we’ll go for 15 minutes on that day!
And not looking forward to doing our experimental sex this week. But that’s why it’s a challenge.
After today I really think this will better our relationship. strengthen it.

If you’re wondering what this is about or our rules click here

Till tomorrow

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