10/4/12 My Father In Law Is Satin’s Buddy

My father in law derived from the coals of hell, I swear.
He makes me cry every time he comes to visit us, and has already driven a wedge between John and I.
He ruined the week of our wedding because of the drama he starts.
He causes so much stress for me that I miss my period every time he visits!

Let me explain a bit.
They live out of state, luckily. So they don’t visit often. But every time they do all hell breaks loose. “he” is the problematic one. His wife, my mother In law, is just his little puppy dog that follows him wherever he goes.
He is the kind of old man that believes that women belongs in the kitchen or laundry room at his beck & call.
His relationship with his wife is that of a dog and owner. He barks orders and she follows without question.

Now let me get something clear,

I do NOT follow my husband around like a puppy. I am an independent woman of the 21st century. I have my own job, while handling house work and johns book keeping.
My husband is NOT my keeper. And I’m not his. We have a very equal relationship. Yes, I do womanly things like cooking meals. But my husband WILL help clean the dishes and pick up after himself.
My father in law doesn’t understand this. He also decided he should change our relationship.
For example: I went away for a week for work. (if my father in law had asked us what time would work for our schedule instead of booking his flight and expecting us to drop everything, I would have been home) I cleaned the house before I left. But i know john will make a mess while I’m gone. I told him, don’t worry about the floors, but I would appreciate it if you would have the counter tops clean and everything picked up before I come back.
I called John on my way home to make sure he was home, I missed him and wanted to spend some time with him after a week away and an 8 hour drive.
John started cleaning up procrastinating like always. When his father saw this he said, “John, that’s woman’s work. She can do that when she gets home. Let’s go to town.” John tried to argue but he’s scared of his dad.
So I came home to a dirty house. And no John.
Coffee stains all over the white countertops trash and dirty clothes Laying every where. One big mess. After a week away and a long drive. I got to come home and clean.

Johns dad also doesn’t want to share John. When he’s here he constantly tries to pull him away. I’m not a clingy person but after a week apart I just wanted to see my husband again.

The most frustrating thing is that he tries to come between us. When John and I decide for example, that we have to pay bills together today. His father will suddenly decide that they have to go tour a farm nearby. Making John choose between us.
If John chooses him I might be frustrated. But I’ll get over it.
If John chooses me his dad will run out of the house yelling mad.
After that he’ll sit outside and pout for the rest of the day.
We talked to him about it once. We told him that it wasn’t nice of him to get so mad. His answer:
“I don’t get mad. I’m never mad”
He really didn’t understand, he said he sometimes gets disappointed but never mad.
Anyway. Now he wants to come again. I’m not looking forward to it. Especially with John and my’s baby problems.
I hate my father in law
I just have to remember that
We’re all just human


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3 thoughts on “10/4/12 My Father In Law Is Satin’s Buddy

  1. Just hang in there!

  2. I know it is, but you are strong and can get through this 🙂

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