10/4/12 Baby Problems With The Hubbie

So, big news.
My husband and I decided to try for a baby. Yay right?
Well kind of.
We’ve been talking about it for the last year or so and finally last week he decided it was time to start trying.
Sooo… Unprotected sex.
My husband has a high libido if he could have sex three times daily he would. A few days into trying; his libido drops, suddenly he’s not up for it; too tired, to busy, excuse after excuse.
I asked him about it and he just gave more excuses. Today I asked him again and he finally gave me a straight answer. He said, “if you get pregnant this month I wouldn’t be super excited. I really wouldn’t mind if you’re not.”
So as a woman I’ve dreamed of the moment when you both are sitting together excitedly waiting for a pregnancy test to give its answer.
That dream just went up in a puff of smoke.
I don’t know what to do… I know he’ll be a great dad. He loves kids, loves me. But he just has cold feet.
Should I keep having unprotected sex with him while he wants to?
Or should we stop and re-think things?
I’m just worried that if we stop it’ll take him another year to get back on the daddy band wagon.
Is that selfish?
Well, If it is; oh well
I’m only human


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