9/10/12 – Brutally honest about my own personality

Dear Diary

Brutally honest about my own personality.
That’s the title of this post, obviously.

I think everyone should take a moment to do just that, be brutally honest about your own personality.
What are you like? -step out of your shoes for a moment and view yourself as someone else would.

So, that’s what I did for this post:

In only one word I would describe myself as: aggressive.
I have an aggressive, to-the-point type of personality, I like to get things done… and fast.
This is annoying to my husband. Who likes to take a coffee break every afternoon and morning.
He works LONG hours outside in the heat,
so he definitely deserves a break.
I work inside in the air conditioning most of the time,
so my body doesn’t need a break.
It feels like a waste of time and I get impatient.

– another great word to describe me.
I am deffinitely not a patient person.
The good thing is: I know that about myself.
I deal with kids a lot, but if I feel myself getting impatient I take a deep breath and move on.

Brutally honest. – There’s a reason this is part of the title.
I am a brutally honest person.
Yes – This has gotten me into a lot of trouble.
Over the years I’ve had to push myself into developing a verbal filter.
Personally, I still don’t think I have as much of a filter as I should…
but I guess it takes time.

Another quality that goes hand-in-hand with being brutally honest is that: if I want to know something, I ask.
Earlier this week I was talking to our local vet,
a friend of ours, he mentioned a little about a local farmer filing bankrupcy.
Of course, I asked who. He mumbled this and that and talked his way around the question.
I know that some things concerning his clients are confidential so I said, “oh, do you not want to tell me?” motioning my hand as if to say, “It’s no problem.”
My husband is completely different, he would rather wait and see if he mentions a name instead of blatantly asking.

I guess in a way John is my better half, he is genuinely a good person. A much better person than I am.
He is caring, patient, doesn’t like confrontation, kind-hearted, not cocky or egotistical, he is humble and real.
Sometime I tell him he’s too good:
Last week he sold three calves to a local calf raising operation.
They quoted him $40 a piece. When we got the check in the mail this week the man paid only $30
My husband called him and the man stated that the price had gone down.
When my husband told me I said, “That’s bull shit, call him back and tell him that you want that money. And if he wont, tell him to split the difference.”
He called him back, and they split the difference.
We make a good team.

I told someone once, that if there was a duplicate of me I wouldn’t get along with her.

I wouldn’t get along with myself. My type of personality puts a lot of people off, and I think in my case opposites attract.
I couldn’t be with someone who is just like me, it would be like the wrong side of two magnets.
I need someone to set me straight be my better half, luckily that’s John.

Of course, I do have good qualities too, I am loyal, friendly, genuinely interested in others, good with kids, a hard-working person, and stubborn as hell 😉

I think its good to look at yourself now and then and see how you really are.
That way you can see the negative side of yourself too and try to make changes to make yourself a better person.

I know my blog is new and small, I don’t have many followers so I don’t expect many people to do this but here goes:
Take some time to look at yourself, be brutally honest. Think about what is good and bad about your personality, like I did.
You can just think about it, or write it down. If you want you can even comment it below. Feel free.

You can push yourself to make changes. But just remember,

We are only human

– Skylar

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