8/29/12 – People that PISS me off part 1

Dear Diary

Do you know what pisses me off?

Women who purposely get pregnant when they aren’t in any situation to care for a child.
THIS IS SELFISH, plain and simple.
A child is not a puppy you can leave at home, it’s a real human being that YOU are in charge of…

Alright, before my incessant venting gets out of hand I should explain the whole story.

Once upon a time:

I had this friend,
not my friend anymore, but that’s not the point.
She was an ok friend, you know, one of those friends you don’t all-the-way trust with your deepest darkest secrets. But you still want to go out on friday nights with. Well, This friend… lets call her Ursula. Was dating… Eric for a few months.
– Argued
– Fought
– Broke up
– Got back together
– Argued

– Had unprotected sex…
wait, what?
Yes, unprotected sex.
– Took Plan B,
also called the morning after pill.
– Had unprotected sex…
yes, again… MORON

This time Ursula decided she wanted a baby. She decided not to take the morning after pill.
A little while later she called me, She was SO excited,
she said, “GUESS WHAT! I’m pregnant!”
– Did I mention earlier that she’s only 19 at the time

Her mother took extra shifts on her work at a factory and odd hours so she could help with taking care of the little boy.
He was shuttled off from one family member to the other while Ursula worked the night shift.  Then shuttled off to his dad when possible.
There was, and still isn’t any stability in his life. He is pushed from person to person several times a day, whether its Ursula, his grandma, dad, or babysitter.

Now, now, now. I also want to add that the story of how Ursula’s boy was conceived was told to me directly from Ursula, not second-hand, or through the grapevine…

Getting pregnant like this is a mistake that can happen and has happened to many people. I don’t blame her for it. And she is trying her best to give her son a good life.


Since her divorce Ursula has had boyfriend after boyfriend, no relationship ever lasting over a few months.
She has now met…
lets call him BOB.
Bob sure is a keeper, he has had two marriages, is currently going through his second divorce in three years. And Bob also has a child from either wife…
ex-wife… whatever.
She was dating BOB for a little over a month and GUESS WHAT??

She’s pregnant… again.

When she has this baby she and Bob will all together have four kids from four different sets of parents.

This is what pisses me off.
What kind of life is this second child going to have, carted off from one person to the next.
And what about Ursula’s poor mom, who worked her ass off to help her with her son.

Oh, did I mention that she’s engaged?  Yea and she claims that this rock, is so much better than the last one.
“The last one was cheap”
I hope this one costs less if divided by the years spent together, with their track record it probably wont…

A sad fact: She and Bob are moving about 4-5 hours away, and taking the kids with them.
Eric gave up his dreams to stay in town close to his son, now she’s taking him away from Eric.

Oh, and another update, she found out what the sex of the new baby is.
After stating, “I deserve a girl”
It’s a boy!

There are many people out there who can even get pregnant. It’s frustrating that there are people out there like Ursula who take having kids for granted. And get knocked up like it’s no big deal.

I might be a bitch to post all of this negativity, but what can I say;

I’m only human

– Skylar

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