8/15/12 – Back Track

So, here goes the over used… “DEAR DIARY

Man, I feel like I’m 10 again 😉

Here I am once again blogging. I think putting feelings into words helps me sort everything out.
So before I write the post that I was planning on I thought I should back track a bit.

My husband and I have been married for about a year now. We’ve lived together longer.
 We really enjoy each other, Thank goodness -RIGHT? It would be bad if we didn’t 😉
If I think of two peas in a pod I think of us. We fit together so well its like we’ve never been apart.

I think our relationship is the way it’s supposed to be; I miss him when he’s not around (N vise versa), and we can just sit together stuck in a car for hours and enjoy each other’s company.

My 5th grade teacher… I think her name was Mrs. Wade – Not that it matters.
She tought the class once about “Comfortable Silence”
Comfortable silence is when you can be quiet together and not read into the lack of conversation, just enjoy each other’s quiet company.
As opposed to uncomfortable silence, which according to Catzilla on (this link) sometimes involves a sneaked fart and three or more people 😉
Now, all jokes aside, I think comfortable silence should be envied in a relationship, it also has to be learned.
– my husband and I are lucky to have a good balance of comfortable silence in our relationship 😉

So, I wanted this to be the PRE- to my other “Dear Diary” entries, because most likely I will bitch and vent about the annoying, aggravating, frustrating things my LOVELY husband does.
In the end we have a great relationship and love each other a LOT! But we do argue now and then and we do disagree at times too.

What can you expect…

I’m only human.


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