The dirty camper – cabinets

If you saw my post about our dirty trailer then you saw the pictures.
Yes it was a wreck.
Smelled bad
Looked bad
It was overall just… Bad.
We are planning to use it as housing for guests and our intern.
I think we misjudged how long it would actually take to finish everything.
And I think I also misjudged how much time I would end up putting into it instead of my husband. Now, this isn’t his fault. Most of what he does is more difficult and needs two people. (including me) and a lot of painting (also my area)
We were planning on using this as a weekend project. But we’re running out of time. So it’s also a weekday project. The 6th of June our intern flys in, I am planning on having it finished by then 🙂

Ok ok enough of my blabbing.
Now to the interesting stuff:
I am busy painting the cabinets. It is a pearly white color.
I can’t stand using oil based paint. But it is turning out pretty.
Check it out.




Remember, I still have to add the doors for some of the cabinets.



Here are the doors laying out to dry. I also spray painted the handles and hinges.


Looks good huh? What do you think?
We also took out the oven and vent. We added a tile-like board as a back splash. It would have been difficult to cut out the window. And our saw wasn’t cutting the board very nicely. So we boarded up the window.

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2 thoughts on “The dirty camper – cabinets

  1. Looks much better!

    • Thanks!!
      I’m really happy with it. Worth the work. Putting some of the cabinets together all painted and everything really motivates me.

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